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The standout event of 2014!

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The event....

The event will be a weekend long paintball festival in one of the most outrageous locations the UK has ever seen!


Most players will arrive in the area on Friday ready to begin playing at the 'Game On' time of 10am on Saturday.


The game will play through Saturday followed by a Hawaiin Zombie pool party on Saturday night!


The game will then continue throughout the Sunday.


Zombieland is a 2nd Generation paintball event meaning it is family friendly and suitable for new players as well as grizzled veterans.



- The UK's most outrageous venue!


- Sponsored by Planet Eclipse


- With amazing special effects!


- Limited player numbers


- The ultimate zombie experience!


- Hawaiian zombie pool party!


- 'In game' zombie actors


- 'THE' game of 2014!!!!!



main game....

The main game will see 12 factions facing each other in a series of games throughout the day.


Battling for control of the Twinkies each faction will compete against all the others in a battle for survial in Zombieland!


Each team will have a HQ equipped with plasma screens, live updating maps, radio comms and runners from where the Generals will run the game.


The game will be a multi-layered scenario game which will appeal to both novice players new to paintball as well as seasoned pro's who have played for years.

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Hawaaian Zombie Pool Party!!!

The Saturday night party will take place in our own private water park just 100 yards from the site!


Complete with slides, wave machines and our own private DJ this will be        

the paintball party to



The cost to enter the

water park is just £5!


So don your swimming

trunks and Hawaiian shirt

and get ready for the

party of the year!

Blue Lagoon Water Park

SA67 8DE

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